A Guide to the Safest Neighborhoods in San Diego

Are you planning a move or travel to San Diego? Good choice, San Diego’s one of the safest places to live in the USA, with crime rates at record lows since the 1980s.

Safety and security are some of the last things you need to worry about when you live in this popular tourist spot but if you want to make doubly sure you’ll enjoy a stress-free time in San Diego, keep reading.

These are the safest neighborhoods in San Diego right now.

The Safest Neighborhoods in San Diego for Families

Are good schools and a family vibe your most important criteria when considering San Diego neighborhoods? The county boasts a high standard of education, with many fine schools and a strong sense of community.

Look no further than these top places to raise children in San Diego county.

Del Mar Mesa

Del Mar Mesa is a secured place to visit in California.Most residents in this part of the world own their homes and have a liberal outlook on life.

You’ll find plenty of parks and coffee shops where you can hang out and meet new friends too. There are over 10 miles of hiking and biking trails in this area for outdoor lovers to enjoy.

Torrey Hills

The public schools in Torrey Hills are highly rated and the area boasts plenty of parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. Torrey Hills is also credited with a high safety rating and has an urban-suburban feel.

The suburb offers plenty of opportunities for off-the-beaten-track family bonding along several hiking and biking trails in the area.

Black Mountain Ranch

Black Mountain Ranch is one of the best family neighborhoods San Diego has to offer. It’s located just north of Torrey Highlands and families get to enjoy a host of themed events all year round.

Black Mountain Ranch has a quiet suburban feel, excellent recreational facilities, and good schools.

The Safest Places in San Diego to Enjoy City Living

If your heart beats to the bustle of the big city, San Diego County won’t disappoint. San Diego’s a hub of professional sports, world-class dining, and a thumping nightlife in its urban suburbs.

It’s also the home of the renowned ComicCon event that attracts fans from all over the world. These are the best urban neighborhoods in San Diego:


Encinitas is one of the safest cities in California and filled with attractions for those who love the energy of small city living. , Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks abound in this thriving hub.

In Encinitas, you’ll find plenty of resident young professionals as well as families to hang out with. The San Diego Botanic Garden’s close by when you feel like a dose of wide-open spaces too.

Chula Vista

Chula Vista’s rated as one of the safest cities in the USA, and it also has some of the best views thanks to its location between the San Diego Bay and coastal mountain foothills of the county.

Chula Vista’s placed halfway between San Diego and the Mexican border, making it a convenient place to live for those who hanker after weekend travels to Mexico’s wine lands.

Other things to do in this small city include water parks, interactive museums, and abundant sports facilities.

San Marcos

San Marcos has high ratings for safety, weather, and amenities, boasting a crime rate that’s 50% lower than the national average. It’s a densely populated and diverse city with plenty to see and do.

There are interesting themed parks to explore around San Marcos as well as wineries for sipping and sampling local produce. Action-seekers can enjoy hiking, golf, or shopping up a storm in the many bustling markets around the city.

The Safest Seaside Neighborhoods in San Diego

San Diego has 17 miles of coastline to its credit, San Diego boasts numerous beaches for swimming or indulging in exciting ocean activities. Nature lovers will find an abundance of seaside state parks in this part of the world too.

If you crave a salty sea-air existence, here’s where to start looking around San Diego.

La Jolla

This is one of the most prestigious and richest neighborhoods in San Diego, where houses and La Jolla condos for sale trade hands for 6 figures or more.

In La Jolla, the nightlife’s thumping, the schools are top-notch and the community is as diverse as they come. You’ll find enclaves of students, retirees, singles, and couples in this popular neighborhood.


Oceanside is a coastal neighborhood in northern San Diego. It the home base of the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton, and home to many military couples and families.

Some of the best beaches in the area include Oceanside Pier, Harbor Beach, and Breakwater Way. Fishing, surfing, and whale-watching are some of the most popular activities in this area but there are also plenty of hiking and biking trails to enjoy too.


This beautiful part of San Diego’s awash with quaint condos and beach houses right on the sands. There are plenty of restaurants and shops in the area, Legoland’s close by, and the Carlsbad flower fields are a top springtime attraction.

If you love craft beer, there are plenty of local breweries to try out and the area also abounds with golf courses. The Carlsbad Village Street Fair is the biggest one-day street fair in the entire country.

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