A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Dashcams

Much like how cars have dash cams to record every instance and provide evidence in a case of accidents, it is quite essential for motorcycles too. A dash camera is a small audio and visual recording device that is placed at such an angle in front of the vehicle that it records the activities within the vehicle and its immediate surroundings.  Even though, this feature is fairly new in motorcycles and a wide-scale adoption will take some years still we are of the view that everyone should be informed of its mechanism and the best motorcycle dashcams the current market has to offer in order to ensure a safe journey..There are hundreds of models in the market, we have shuffled through the variety and picked the best ones. All of these models can be bought off of Amazon to ensure authenticity. 

We start 6off with the VGSON Wi-Fi Waterproof Dual-lens camera, this version is extremely economical for the features it offers. It comes with dual-lens cameras, as the name suggests, along with a 3-inch display screen. The model boasts an exceptional connectivity factor with connections and support available for iOS, Android, and Wi-Fi and a memory backup which can be as large as 128 GB. This is a great option if you’re looking for good quality at a small investment cost. Moving on, another option is the Aukey Dash Cam. This model is also super affordable for the features it provides. It comes with emergency recording which can be really helpful at times of accidents; it also comes with loop recording. This model is particularly to withstand harsh weather, cold and hot with a supercapacitor that provides high-grade resistance. 

There is also the HaloCam M1 Motorcycle Dash Cam which is one of its kinds. It basically promotes under the banner of high-quality night vision. It also comes with a dual camera, a GPS navigator, and a waterproof monitor sleeve which the company provides for safer traveling. The camera has different power options based on the user’s preference; headlights, a power bank, and an ignition switch. However, this dashcam is a bit on the pricier side. The Innova K2 Dual Camera is a highly advanced unit with prodigious features that do justice to the set market price for this model. The camera has a water-resistant body so it can stand unfavorable weather conditions. The camera is built to record speed and location along with each video. Also, it’s smart mode is built to monitor the vehicle at rest. The camera is capable of recording HD videos and can store up to 128 GB of data on an SD card. It is also compatible with iOS and Android applications.

 The last of our suggestions is the Garmin Dash Cam 55, this is an action camera that is widely available at an affordable price. The model comes with a voice recording feature which is one of its kinds; it also comes with GPS navigation and good quality video recording. This model is by far the best if we talk about the video quality and the way the camera’s built.

Khuwalid Khalid
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