9 Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Roof Contractor

Your roof is not only your home’s crowning glory. It acts as your first line of defense against heavy rain and snowfall. These natural occurrences bring in another serious threat: water leaks and ice dams.

Problems such as a leaky roof, broken shingles, and gutters can pose serious threats to you and your family. Hence, it’s a clear advantage to have your home’s top covering installed properly. And, in the case of repair and installation, it’s necessary to hire a professional roof contractor. 

While seasoned do-it-yourself enthusiasts claim they can do the job, it may be best to have them hold on to their tools and let professionals handle the job. Having contractors handle roofing works is beneficial for the following reasons:     

They’re More Cost-Effective

Most homeowners are of the opinion that professional roofing services are expensive upfront. However, hiring professional services, such as the team from Smith Roofing, can be cost-effective. These roofing experts have access to materials that can be really cheap, being that they can buy in bulk. 

Discounts from these high-quality materials, which could last for several years, translate to lower overall costs. Plus, depending on the roofing material you want to be installed, special tools or pieces of equipment may be needed, which you either need to buy or rent out.  

Knowing the kind of material best for your needs, roofing experts work to keep your roof functional as long as possible.         

They’ve Access to Quality Materials

If you’re often plagued by common roofing problems, it’s likely that your roof doesn’t have the suitable materials, the materials are substandard, or that your roof wasn’t installed properly.       

Contractors have access to the best and widest array of roofing materials in the market. Even products that may not be available in hardware stores. As such, they can order the right type of materials needed according to your needs, location, and the common disasters that often wreak havoc on your property. For instance, they may recommend changing your rubber roofing into clay tile roofing to overcome extremely hot and humid temperatures.       

They’ve Got All Types of Equipment

Besides having appropriate materials, the repair, installation, and other construction works intended for water leaks and damages require proper equipment. Without both, you won’t be able to achieve superb work. 

Licensed roofers have complete sets from hatchets to roof hoists, rivet guns, and so many others. Having these pieces of equipment allows them to tackle whatever needs to be done with your roof: inspection, repair, installation, and clean-up.   

They’re Big on Safety

Expert roofers are prone to occupational hazards. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in its latest available data, 293 out of 1,061 total fatalities in the workplace occurred in the construction sector. Of the figure, 96 of those killed under the construction industry were roofers.   

selective focus of handsome handyman repairing roof with coworker

Because of this elevated risk, all construction companies are required to have their employees covered by insurance and to undergo safety training, apart from regular skills upgrades. Contractors are likewise compelled to utilize safety equipment and practice precaution at all times.       

They’re Familiar with Local Laws

When performing specific home renovations, for instance, plumbing and roofing, a homeowner has to secure the necessary permission from different federal agencies. This ensures all projects are done safely and in accordance with local laws and building codes.   

Your contractor should know about the permits needed to carry out roofing projects safely. A project without a permit, no matter how impeccably done, is still considered unlawful. If you skip on this legal requirement, you’re likely to face hefty legal fees as a homeowner. Some may agree to unpermitted works to save on costs, but the fines you’re obliged to pay later will likely cost more than your professional roofer’s charges. This excludes the re-work you’re supposed to pay for after settling this legal issue.    

In addition, once registered, local agencies are mandated to monitor the project, giving you additional peace of mind.  

Roofing Experts Offer Great Service

Seasoned professionals know their way around every type of material and in any kind of working conditions. This means that no matter what your roofing repair or installation challenges may be, contractors know how to make a great project happen. 

Experience is the best teacher, and roofers know which materials work best for your roof despite budgetary constraints. They provide services that make your topmost home cover last as long as it can.        

They’re Efficient

Before starting a project, a contractor will conduct a thorough assessment of your roofing conditions—identifying the main problem areas and checking on other issues that could result in future damage. 

If you’re not an expert, you probably won’t be able to do this on your own. Without proper diagnostic skills, equipment, and access to technology, you can’t know what needs to be done and how to do it properly. 

They Provide Quick Service

In construction, time is money. And more delays mean higher costs. Roofers are efficient, and they make the right decisions almost on instinct. They need to wrap up the services as soon as possible to move on with the next project.   

But don’t worry, as faster doesn’t equate to poor service. You can still expect to get great service despite the seemingly short amount of time needed to get things done. When you’ve already chosen your ideal roofing contractor, make sure to book the work as soon as possible to avoid other clients from possibly snagging your preferred project dates.        

They Provide Warranty Coverage 

One of the main benefits of hiring contractors is the warranty coverage for the materials used and the work done. Even if the project has been completed, professional roofers are obliged to replace your defective roof materials or perform corrective works as necessary. Take note of the terms covered by warranty, though, as not all issues may be covered. 

Just make sure everything is documented, so you’ll know when you’re supposed to contact your roofers for an expected free service.    

Keeping legal documents is also needed if you’re planning to sell or rent out your home and ensure that it stays within fair market value.  

The Bottom Line

Because of your roof’s critical role in keeping you safe, any project involving it needs careful planning and consideration. Getting professionals to fix or install your roof is better than doing it yourself for reasons discussed earlier.      

When done inappropriately and without help from expert contractors, it can cause you and your family higher costs and major structural, as well as health risks.

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