8 Expert Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Land Sale

Vacant land sales have grown by as much as 60 percent over the last half-decade. That number is largely driven by people choosing to opt-out of big city living and instead, invest in large, secluded plots they can pour their imaginations into.

If you’re aiming to sell a land plot and are curious to know how you can do so quickly and for as much money as possible, we’re here to help!

Selling land can be a stressful and unconventional process. Armed with our tips though, we’re confident your sale will go off without a hitch. Keep reading to learn all about how you can mine as much success as possible from your land deal.

Work With a Realtor

While there’s a growing group of land sellers that opt to learn how to sell vacant land without a realtor, we think that bringing one on can be helpful.

Realtors/agents are well-versed in everything that goes into selling land from a transnational perspective. They’re also well connected which means they can get your listing in front of interested buyers much faster than you might be able to.

Having a third party help you sell a land plot means less money in your pocket given commission costs. It also means less headache for you and likely a much quicker sale.

Learn About Common Selling Platforms

If you’re selling land on your own, you’ll want to lean on the internet for support. There are several online land sales platforms you can post your listings on to increase its exposure.

Platforms like Zillow, Craigslist, Redfin, and others all accept land listings. While most will charge you a listing fee, the exposure online sales platforms will net you is well worth what they charge in almost all cases.

Share Good Zoning News

As you market your plot of land, people are going to be curious to know what they can and can’t do with it. So, rather than beating around the bush, let them know!

Can people build their dream house on your plot of land? If they can lead with that messaging. If zoning severely restricts what can be done with your land, don’t lead with that information but do footnote it so you provide transparency to buyers.

Price Your Plot Competitively

We’d all like to see massive returns when we sell a land plot. Unfortunately, though, the market limits how much we can reasonably expect to make from a sale.

Understanding where the market is and set your expectations accordingly will help your sales process run a lot more smoothly.

A great way to understand market health surrounding selling a piece of land is to find comparable plots online and see what prices they’re trending at. You can also do market research on land sales to see if data analysts have published trends on how values are appreciating or depreciating.

Tout Water/Electric Hookups

Getting running water and electricity to land plots can be a difficult prospect. If hookups aren’t already in place, getting connections done can be expensive and in some cases, isn’t possible.

If your land already has utilities, that’s something you should tout in your listing and during showings. If your land doesn’t have hookups, the more information you can provide regarding pricing/process to get these hookups in place, the more comfortable buyers will be making a purchase.

Don’t Forget About Your Community

Your land’s buyer isn’t only moving onto your parcel but into your community. What does your community have to offer?

Do you have incredible neighbors? Is it easy to get to local grocers and events?

All of that information will be top of mind when land buyers are filtering through plots so be sure to share any relevant details that may excite them about becoming a resident of your area.

Take the Time to Do Showings

Buying a plot of land can be more challenging than buying a house. With land, buyers have to be able to envision their future as opposed to seeing an already finished product they can buy into.

For people to be able to visualize their futures on your plot, they’re going to want to walk the land. Let them!

Always be open to prospective buyers visiting your plot and surveying the area. Let them explore without your supervision. Allow them to visit multiple times.

The more you let buyers connect with the earth, the more likely they’ll be to pull the trigger on their purchase at a favorable price.

Be Kind, Personable, and Trustworthy

An advantage of selling vacant land without a realtor is that you get to build relationships with prospective buyers. We can’t understate the importance of those connections.

As land buyers get to know you and begin to appreciate the kind and genuine person you are, their fears of buying into a bad deal will fade. That trust in you and your land can make for easier negotiations faster transactions.

When You Sell a Land Plot, You Sell a Canvas for Dreams

Any time you sell anything, it’s important that you sell a solution as opposed to selling a product. To that end, keep in mind that when you sell a land plot, you’re selling a canvas for people’s dreams, not a piece of earth. You’re selling a solution to buyer’s problems of wanting to customize their living around their unique sensibilities as opposed to buying into somebody else’s.

Lean on that when you’re pitching buyers and you’ll find a world of selling success.

For more insight on marketing, real state transactions, and more, explore additional content on our blog!

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