7 Storage Unit Organization Tips to Help You Get the Most of Your Space

Getting your home clean and organized is one of the best investments you can make. Coming home after a long day of work to a home that smells good and organized in a way that you can easily find your things will let you live relaxed and stress-free. 

It takes some heavy lifting to get your home pristine clean, but you’ll thank yourself later. How can you make this happen?

Read on to learn more about organizing a home cleaning project, storage unit organization, and giving your newly-cleaned home some TLC. 

 Make Use of Vertical Space in Your Home

Going vertical will help you make the best use of your home’s square footage. Using tall cabinets and shelves frees up floor space so you can move through your home easily. 

Choose vertical storage that is secure and plentiful, and organize it in a way that is decorative and comfortable.

Clean and Repurpose Your Garage and Attic

You have so much storage potential in your garage and attic. Too many people leave these rooms either unused or cluttered. 

Chances are high that your garage is filled with junk. Repurpose it by clearing out everything you no longer need and setting up a storage system that maximizes the space you have in the garage. 

Take an entire weekend and indiscriminately get rid of things you’re holding onto for the sake of it. A heavy garage cleaning project can also be cathartic and stress-relieving. Holding onto too much clutter takes its toll on you mentally and also makes your garage more hazardous. 

Invest in some heavy shelving, trays, racks, cubbies, or any other storage system that is best for your garage. Reinforce the garage door and side door locks so that you can store things without worrying about security. 

You also likely have a lot of untapped potential in your attic. Rather than cluttering your dressers and closets, box up your seasonal clothing and supplies, vacuum seals them and put them in your attic neatly organized. 

The better you store your belongings in these rooms you rarely use, the freer you can keep your living space.

Rent Out a Storage Unit

Don’t feel like you have to throw away everything. You can keep all of your old belongings offsite to free up space in your house. 

There are storage rental companies that have secure spaces you can rent out monthly or yearly. Protect your belongings by choosing a rental company that has spacious units and quality onsite security. 

Companies like Southern Self Storage will typically have a few different storage unit size options you can choose. Figure out how much square footage of rental space you need for the belongings you drop off. 

You might end up renting out multiple storage units over the years, so set aside some cash in your budget.

Develop Systems in Every Room

Work to develop a system, rather than just stuffing things away. Set up a system of organization for each room so that you know where your belongings are stored. 

For instance, your home office might have a filing cabinet where you keep your important documents, drawers for your office supplies, and shelves with literature related to your industry. 

A spare bedroom might have a full chest of drawers for clothing, a closet neatly aligned with hangers for dressier clothing, and a chest for odds and ends. 

Having a place for everything simplifies the storage process so that you can quickly clean and keep it cleaned.

Keep Records and Spreadsheets of Where Your Things Are Stored

With every room having its own system, it’s asking a lot for you to remember off the top of your head where each of your belongings is stored. 

Take the guesswork out of your mind and make spreadsheets and lists for where everything is kept. It’s easier to update records that you can reference whenever you need it than to burden yourself to keep these things logged in your memory. 

This small task is similar to the beauty of journaling, in that it declutters your mind and cuts out decision fatigue.

Make Use of the Best Boxes and Containers

It’s not just about what you store, but how you store it. 

Do yourself a favor and invest in quality boxes and containers. This makes it easier for you to tuck things away and know that they won’t get damaged. Use either sturdy boxes or durable bins to make sure everything is well-kept.

Get Creative and Decorative With your Storage Tasks

Finally, you can kill two birds with one stone by repurposing different fixtures in your home. For instance, you can put a storage bin under your coffee table that can also serve as a footrest. 

Your new vertical storage system can include handcrafted wood furniture. You can purchase end tables that also have built-in storage cabinets. 

Storage and decorative choices don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Get creative with each decision so that it helps you better use the space in your home. 

Make Use of Storage Unit Organization and Home Storage Principles

Storage unit organization and home storage go hand in hand. The tips above help you become a smarter, more aware homeowner. 

Take your time when purchasing the storage fixtures or rental space that you need. Keep making these decisions month by month to get the most out of your home. 

Come back to learn more about home improvements, lifestyle info and so much more.

Khuwalid Khalid
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