7 Band Saw Safety Rules- Most Essential & Common Safety Tips

Anyone who chooses to pick a band saw must learn the right band saw safety rules to have a smooth experience with their band saw. In this post, we give you the best safety rules that you must keep in mind when using a band saw. Take a look. 

7 Band Saw Safety Tips:

You Should Setup the Upper Guide Properly

The first thing that you need to do is to set up the upper guide properly. Make sure the saw’s top guide is set as closely as possible to your workpiece or the wood that you intend to cut. Nonetheless, caution should be taken so that the guide doesn’t touch the wood itself. 

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This close setup between the main guide and the timber that you intend to cut ensures that your saw blade remains hidden under your guide. This makes you safe as there won’t be any space for your fingers to touch the portable band saw blade accidentally.

Choose the Right Blade 

The performance of any bandsaw will largely depend on the choice of an appropriate band saw blade. You must make sure that you choose a band saw blade wisely. Make sure that you select the right blade width for your band saw depending on your desired radius of cut. 

NOTE: In case you try pushing a wider band saw blade through acutting area, it might easily backfire and, in doing so, cause injuries. Moreover, your band saw blade might also end up getting twisted.

Clean Your Band Saw As Instructed 

When you pick a band saw of your use, you must make sure that you can also care for the band saw. One way to do that and to ensure the best band saw efficiency is to clean your band saw. Make sure that your band saw is cleaned of any leftover pieces and sawdust. 

This will provide better performance as I mentioned and leave you with a smooth operation and, in turn, negates any chances of an accident. 

Set Up Your Blade Guard into Right Position

Remember that if your blade is uncovered, the blade might easily cause unwanted injuries. So, if you adjust the top part of your blade guard, it covers the edge of the blade totally. As such, it will protect the fingers from accidentally slipping under the blade and getting brazed, cut, or chopped off.

Avoid Use of Old Band Saw Blades

We actually understand that several bands saw users might opt to work with an old band saw blades just to save some money. This may seem great. However, when it comes to the band saw safety routine, we strongly discourage band saw users from doing this.

The use of an old blade means that you will be using a dull blade, and this can be more dangerous since your band saw will be straining and using more energy to cut through the piece of wood that you are working on.

When this happens, you will get more wear and tear rates. This will also increase more pressure and, as such, trigger a slip of your fingers into the blade.

Keep a Safe Distance Always 

When band saws cut, there are several projectiles that you will come into contact with. These projectiles can be very harmful. As such, you might easily get hurt along the way. The best thing to do, therefore, is always to keep a safe distance.

A safe distance will also ensure that you keep your fingers on a safe distance off the cutting line. This is a good thing and will keep you safe.

Use Right Band Saw Safety Gears

Some of the best safety gear that you should have when using a band saw include goggles to protect your eyes, perfect fit clothes, puncture-resistant boots, and a helmet. 

Bonus Tip: Use a Push Stick

Using a push stick to push wood towards the band saw blade would leave you with no direct contact with the saw blade. This keeps your fingers safe at all times.

However, if you must use your hand to set workpieces on your band saw, make sure that your hands are free.

Do not wear a loose glove around your hands, and while pushing the workpieces, ensure that you keep your fingers at a safer distance to avoid any type of injury. 


The best band saw safety tips are no brainer. They include what we have given you here. Follow every one of these tips to have a great time with your next best band saw for woodworking needs.

In addition to that, make sure that you buy a band saw that you are very comfortable with at any given time. A model that’s easy to learn and to use. 

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