7 Awesome Reasons to Move to a New State

Guess what? Out of the whopping 35.1 million Americans who moved within the last few years, almost 14% of them moved to a completely different state. So, if you’re considering moving to another state this year, you’re totally not alone.

Looking for reasons to move to a new state?

If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about seven reasons to move to a new state below!

Your Family Is Growing 

Ready to stop asking yourself “why do people move to a new state?”

One of the biggest reasons why people move is to accommodate their growing families. Another factor to move out of state is a change in the status of your relationship. Whether you’ve gone from single to married or married to divorced, people often move out of state for their new significant other.

In addition to this, you may even introduce their partner’s children to your own, or move closer to other family members. If you’ve adopted a child, it’s not uncommon for new parents to move to a new state to live near their adopted family member. 

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Not to mention that meeting a brand-new love interest overseas can trigger spur of the moment cross-country moves as well.

You’ve Relocated for a Job 

Think about this way – shifting job or work requirements is another huge contributing factor to those who move away from their home state.

If you’ve been offered a brand-new job, chances are that you’ll consider moving to a new state for a bigger salary and better perks. Plus, you may run the risk of losing your job if you don’t accept a new job offer in another state. On the bright side, you might be able to save money in the long run if you’re able to move to a more affordable part of the country.

In other cases, changing a job can completely change your lifestyle as well. No matter if you end up traveling more or hitting the road more often, you might consider moving your family’s suburban home to a place closer to:

  • A bustling city
  • Public transportation
  • International or domestic airports

Makes sense to us!

You Are Starting College or School 

Another reason why people move is to start a new education at an out-of-state college or school. Some heads of households will move their home entirely to be closer to their children’s school district. Or, if they want their child to attend a better school, an out-of-state move might be necessary too.

Whether you need to live in a different district to be accepted into a school or not, you’ll want to be in the proper “catchment area” for the school of your choice. Also, getting a child into an Ivy League school might be another big factor in your out-of-state as well.

You Have an Empty Nest 

Have your children already flown the coop, so to speak?

If yes, it’s not uncommon for certain families to downgrade their houses once their offspring start their own lives or moves away to college. This is commonly due to a:

  • Cost factor
  • Problem with your current house size
  • Need for less space

Regardless of what the reasons are, empty-nesters are the perfect people to begin a new lifestyle in another state.

You Want to Move to a Different Climate 

Here’s the deal. If you’ve ever wanted to move to a warmer climate, it might be time to consider moving out of state. Everyone wants to be on a warm beach sipping on mimosas, but not everyone can do so in their current climate.

That’s why the luckiest of us make our dreams a reality by moving to a more relaxed area to continue living and working. However, sometimes an out-of-state move isn’t solely based on a different climate. Occasionally, tourists fall in love with a city on a trip and end up living there too.

Pro tip: from its geographic positioning to its cultural appeal, a new state has tons of incentives for new residents.

You Have a Major Lifestyle Upgrade 

Whether you’ve come into some money on your new job has become very lucrative, a new state means a big upgrade to your lifestyle status. No matter if you are moving into your dream home or a larger estate, a major cash flow increase can make this move more possible and more appealing.

You Want to Save Money on Your Home 

If you’ve got a lot of debt in your financial background, you may want to save money on your current home. This is particularly true if you live in the more expensive areas of the nation. Whether you want to save money for retirement or cut down on debt, downsizing to a smaller home in another state is a very feasible reason to move. 

On the hunt for more real estate tips?

If yes, don’t forget to research different areas, neighborhoods, and school districts before you make your big move. We promise that you won’t regret it!

Bottom Line: There Are So Many Reasons to Move

Still not sure why so many people are moving to another state?

If you’re still looking for reasons to move, then we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to major moves across the country, we are practically the experts. From growing families to different climates, moving to another state might be the perfect change of pace for you.

Want to learn more about packing and planning for a move? Don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our blog today!

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