65 Best Sad Love Quotes

Have you ever loved someone endlessly, and all you got was pain? Then here are some quotes that might make you understand what love is.

  1. Don’t care for someone more than they deserve, or you get hurt more than you deserve!
  2. It’s easy.
  3. er to be alone than be with a person whose existence still makes you feel alone.
  4. I wish I could only let you in a moment of my suffering to understand how much you hurt me.
  5. You will cry if you could only read my heart!
  6. It hurts when you want to let go of someone, but you are still hoping for impossible to happen.
  7. What happens when she is your Juliet, but you are not his Romeo.
  8. Don’t judge others, or you won’t get time to adore them.
  9. Don’t feel loved just by thinking that you are in the hardest desires of someone.
  10. I don’t stop loving someone; I just let them go.
  11. You cannot bound someone around you just by loving them endlessly.
  12. You do wrong by explaining to someone that you are right for them because they aren’t right for you.
  13. Whenever your heartbreaks, feel it like a blessing from God, as he has saved you from getting along with a wrong one.
  14. The more you love, the more you feel pain.
  15. If you want to cry, cry in the rain so that nobody can see your tears.
  16. Walk them away if they want, as they are capable of being with you.
  17. Nothing can keep him away if a person wishes for you; if a person doesn’t want you, nothing can make him stay.
  18. If someone doesn’t seem to appreciate your presence, let them face your absence.
  19. Sometimes you have to accept that nothing stays forever.
  20. True love is eternal; it’s from both sides; otherwise, it’s hurtful and vanishes away.
  21. Sometimes silence is the best thing to revive your value.
  22. You should not be available every time; else, you will lose yourself.
  23. Understand the effort of someone if he wants to be in your life.
  24. Love is your thing, and you should choose sensibly whom to share it with.
  25. There’s always a time when you stop caring because you don’t want to care anymore.
  26.  Today it will hurt, but someday you will think about it, and nothing will happen.
  27. Love ends when you get it from both sides equally; it only remains longer when it’s one-sided.
  28. Love is another definition of being hurt.
  29. Don’t let your happiness depend on someone you know will never be yours.
  30. A broken heart is a door to the real person you will get to love completely.
  31. Don’t make people part of yourself by just being with them for a long time.
  32. You will only get loved when you don’t need it in real.
  33. Sometimes heartbreak is necessary to let us know our real worth.
  34. When your heart breaks, take it as a pathway to a new beginning.
  35. Don’t let your self be an option of someone by making them your priority.
  36. Don’t attach yourself with someone that you feel lost when they leave.
  37. Find someone worth suffering for because everyone is going to hurt you.
  38. Say it or not, you will get hurt when you start loving someone.
  39. The more you want to love, the more will be your capacity to get hurt.
  40. Don’t waste your efforts on someone who doesn’t appreciate them.
  41. Every heart has pain inside, wise is one who hides it inside the smile, not in tears.
  42. It hurts when the one who is meant to stop you from crying is making you cry.
  43. It would be easier if we could only love people who love us back.
  44. Holding on doesn’t make you strong, its letting go what does!
  45. It takes just a while to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget them.
  46. Love is something that even doesn’t end after a heartbreak.
  47. When we don’t want to see something, we close our eyes, but how can we close our hearts if we don’t want to feel something.
  48. You don’t want to see someone happy with others if you love that person, but you will hate more if you remain unhappy.
  49. You don’t walk away from the persons you love because you know they won’t come after you.
  50. Sometimes stopping care for someone will let them understand how much they care for you.
  51. It’s not the love that hurts. It’s the person who is not meant to be loved.
  52. Some people only love you when it’s convenient for them.
  53. You don’t get over the people who break your heart; you only get used to the pain.
  54. Pain is what changes you, not experiences.
  55. It’s just that you miss people more than you love them.
  56. I am counting each second that passes without you being near me.
  57. It doesn’t matter whether you love or you are broken; you have to let go sometimes.
  58. One wrong person can become the reason behind not loving anymore.
  59. Its effort that tells how much a person loves you, as they don’t make excuses.
  60. People fly away by taking wings of your heart so that your heart doesn’t fly anymore. 
  61. The physical wounds are easier to heal than the scars given by loved ones.
  62. The sad thing is that he was the same as others, and I expected that he is different.
  63. Just ignore someone to see if they make an effort.
  64. When someone can’t love you, they will excuse, “you deserve someone better.”
  65. Being single is better than loving someone who doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

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