6 Helpful Tips for Fixing a Broken Window

Do you have a broken window? Are you trying to fix it yourself but aren’t sure how to go about it? When it comes to broken glass, you might be able to repair it on your own or hire a professional to replace it.

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Keep reading for some helpful tips for fixing a broken window or learn when it might be better to replace it.

1. Use Masking Tape

If you have a broken window, and the crack is minimal, you can use masking tape as a temporary fix. Start by cutting a piece of tape that is large enough to cover the entire crack. Then securely fix it to one side of the pane of glass and repeat the process on the other side.

You can apply more pieces of tape over the initial piece to ensure that it is nice and secure. Try and use a tape that is neutral in color so that it blends in better than other colors. This is a temporary patch job you can do until you are able to schedule a window replacement.

2. Use Thick Plastic

If your window has been broken, and the glass didn’t remain in place, you might be getting a draft or inclement weather entering into your room. You can temporarily fix this issue by cutting a piece of thick plastic into a large enough piece to cover the hole.

Use some duct tape to adhere to the window frame and the plastic and work it neatly around the hole. If there is some glass still left in the frame, you can apply the duct tape to the glass, be careful not to injure yourself on the broken edge.

3. Use Nail Polish

If your window has a tiny crack or hole, you might be able to use clear nail polish to seal the crack. Dip the brush into the nail polish and carefully fill the crack or hole in the pane. Allow the polish a significant amount of time to dry and then reapply another three or four times.

This is a great fix for small cracks or holes when it isn’t worth replacing the whole window. This will only work for minor cracks, do not attempt with larger issues.

4. Use Mesh Patch

You can purchase a mesh patch from your local hardware store that is made to help patch glass. Measure the length and width of the crack and then cut a piece of mesh to match. Make sure you cut a little extra so the mesh overlaps the crack and can adhere to the rest of the glass.

Using superglue that can adhere to glass, apply some to the mesh, and then stick it to the glass. Work the superglue around the rest of the mesh and press it firmly to the glass. Be sure to use gloves during this process because the superglue will also stick to your hands and can be dangerous to your skin.

This is a temporary fix for your window until the glass or entire unit can be replaced.

5. Remove the Broken Pane

If your window has been broken severely enough, you won’t be able to temporarily fix it using one of the above methods. You will have to remove the broken glass pane and replace it with a new piece of glass.

Before getting started make sure you have heavy work gloves, safety goggles, a set of pliers, a utility knife, and a chisel. You should also have 180-grit sandpaper and a damp rag.

While wearing your gloves and safety goggles, start to remove the caulking or putty around the pane of glass by using your utility knife or chisel. Once you have all the caulking or putty removed, use a pair of pliers to pull out the window clips or nails that are helping hold the glass in the frame. Then carefully begin to remove the glass shards.

Once all the shards have been removed use the sandpaper to smooth the area around the inside of the frame and to help remove any remaining sealant. Then use the damp rag to wipe the dust off.

6. Install the New Pane

Once you have the broken pane removed you will need to measure the length and width of the frame. Then subtract .32 centimeters for the additional space you need to fit the glass inside the window and to allow the glass to expand and contract during the winter months.

Apply some wood sealer to the window frame to help weatherproof the area that you have sanded down and once dry, coat the opening with glazing compound. Next, press all around the new window pane into the glazing compound to make sure it has adhered well to it.

Using a hammer, lightly tap the nails or clips you removed from the frame, back in and around the window. Next, work the fresh putty around the pane of glass on the outside and the inside of the window. This will help hold the glass in place and seal the edges to protect it from the elements.

Make sure you smooth the putty out on both the inside and outside of the window. Once the putty has dried and cured you can use a utility knife to remove the excess from the glass of the window.

Learn More About Repairing or Replacing a Broken Window Today!

Depending on the severity of the broken window there are a few things you can do that will temporarily fix the glass until you can replace it. You can secure the crack with masking tape or a mesh patch, use clear nail polish if the crack is small, or cover it with a thick piece of plastic if it’s too large of a gap.

If the broken glass is too severe for a temporary patch, then its time to replace the glass yourself or have a professional repair it for you.

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