6 Bathroom Upgrades You’ll Wish You Had Made Sooner

The bathroom is, of course, a very commonly used room in all of our homes, but sometimes we leave it neglected and prefer to decorate and modernize our family rooms instead. But, there’s nothing nicer than a fresh, beautiful, and functional bathroom. You may be wondering exactly how you might upgrade your bathroom, and that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you. Read on for our top 6 bathroom upgrades. We bet you will wish you had made them sooner!

1. Bidet Seat

Don’t be surprised, hear us out! A bidet seat is a modern functional upgrade on a traditional toilet seat. Believe it or not, these modern upgrades to your toilet have also become very stylish and can be a fine addition to any bathroom design. As with a regular toilet seat, they come in a variety of colors and are sized to fit any toilet. However, there is one key difference. Bidets provide hygienic and comfortable cleaning for both men and women. 

It has been proven that washing with a bidet is far more hygienic, so it’s definitely a modern bathroom function that is seriously worth considering. There are extra comfort features too. Many come with heated seats, auto-closing lids, and even air deodorizers. What could be nicer for you or your guests?

2. Designer Shower 

The shower is an often overlooked feature of our bathrooms. Until one happens to break, we tend to leave it in place for many, many years. However, upgrading your shower is one way to seriously transform both the look and feel of your bathroom. There are numerous styles of showers to choose from these days, from modern twists on old-school plumbing to neat and tidy smaller showerheads. Upgrading to a newer model can also seriously improve the quality of your shower with multi-directional flow patterns, improved pressure, and maneuverability. Trust us, you certainly won’t regret upgrading your shower.

3. Beautiful Bath

Once again, style and functionality can be hugely improved with an upgraded tub. The variety in style, size, and positioning of a bathtub can change the entire feel of your bathroom. A popular choice nowadays is a freestanding bathtub. These beautiful pieces stand away from any walls as a feature piece of the bathroom, creating a strong modern look. If your bathroom is smaller, try a corner bath with modern taps. Whatever you choose, make it deep and luxurious to make sure you get those long, lovely, hot baths regularly!

4. Medicine Cabinet

This may sound like an extremely boring upgrade, but trust us when we say it isn’t. A medicine cabinet tends to be an extremely plain mirrored box that we rarely appreciate other than when we’re grabbing the floss. Why not flip it and make the medicine cabinet a lovely feature piece above your sink? You can purchase a medicine cabinet with an ornate wooden border or a modern metallic piece with a feature mirror. There are so many options. They are also so easy to change that it’d be really foolish not to give it a go! Just make sure your new choice matches the size of the previous one.

5. Sinks and Taps

Below your medicine cabinet sits your sink. Has it been there for years? Are the ceramics and taps looking rather worn and stained? Time for an upgrade. As with all our other products mentioned today, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bathroom sinks. 

Metals like brass and copper make really cool modern finishes for sinks, but if you’d rather go more traditional, consider changing the shape and style a little to freshen up your bathroom look. Sinks with squared edges and a modern mixer tap really give that complete cool vibe. Sinks can also come built into awesome storage units to help create a stylish combo of sink and storage for your toiletries.  

6. Stylish Lighting

Finally, let’s talk about lighting. Do you have a single bulb swinging in the middle of your bathroom? Or maybe you’re dealing with an old, dirty ceiling light. Either way, it’s time to upgrade to a nice ornate ceiling light to provide more of the main light to your room. Then get some real upgrades going when you add accent lighting and ambient lighting to a bathroom. 

Accent lights could run along the edges of the medicine cabinet or lower side of the bath. Ambient lighting can be low level strip lights, which are very dim but provide a nice layer of light to a bathroom that doesn’t get enough natural light.

With these six simple upgrades, you will completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. We are certain that your room will be refreshed beyond recognition. Get creative, pick a style, and start upgrading!

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