5 Ways to Create The Perfect Home Office

Are you looking to create a working space from home now that we are all going into potential lockdown? Well, you are not alone, we are all in this together!

There are a few key factors to take into serious consideration before you undergo your new home improvement project, first and foremost is the space that you have to work with. Without understanding that, allocating the correct funds for materials and furniture may be tricky.


Make Sure to Plan Accordingly.

Ensure you take detailed measurements of the room or space, and plan out the arrangement you would like. We recommend using graph paper to sketch your ideas before making actual purchases.

Think About The Furniture You Are Going To Choose.

Make sure that you are relaxed, and we don’t mean it’s fluffy slippers and pajamas all day, though if that’s how you want to roll we won’t stop you. In all seriousness, having the right chair and table that are both adjustable and comfortable is important for well-being. Even taking the time to consider the color schemes and lighting is vital when creating a home office. I personally painted my office light blue, a well-known tone that increases productivity.

The Decor is Very Important.

Choosing the right decor and color for the room is very important, as colors can heavily influence your emotional state and ability to concentrate. That is why professionals will give you a range to choose from instead of pushing a select shade, leaving the personal decision to the individual. However, it isn’t just the color that counts but the type of paint you use will affect the finished result of your office project. Recently I went to http://www.thepaintshed.com and they are offering great prices on a wide range of paint at affordable prices, compared to BenQ and other online stores.

Remember to Choose Your Lighting Carefully.

Creating the right lighting will save problems with headaches and eye strain. Try to avoid fluorescent lighting as it can flicker causing distractions. Soft lighting can set a relaxed space but won’t help your eyes if you spend a lot of time on a screen or doing detailed work. Spot lights can work very well and they can highlight certain areas in the room that are used the most, however, if you prefer you can always make sure you have a desk lamp for close work.

And Finally, Create a Budget – And Stick To It!

Lastly, there is no point sitting in a room you regret spending so much on! We recommend thinking hard about the furniture and equipment that you require and whether or not you can acquire much of what you need cheaply. Visit your local thrift store to see if there is anything you could upcycle or browse some home improvement websites for handy storage ideas.

In essence, it’s best to keep it simple and designated for work but use colors that are inviting and make the room a place you will be happy to spend your time in.

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