5 Things London Movers Want You to Know

Moving to, within or out of London, just like it is in any other city, is no easy feat. You’d have to sort, pack and organize every single item in the home you are leaving behind. 

On top of this, you also have to make sure that everything is sorted out for your big move. That means having to create a moving schedule, having all your mail diverted, and mostly just ensuring that all of your affairs are in order before you move to a new place. 

Fortunately, moving day isn’t as stressful as the days leading up to it. All you have to do is hire a removal service or a man and van in London to help you with transporting your stuff, and soon you’ll be on your way without any worries. 

However, as much as it is a moving company’s job to make the move as easy as possible for you, it would also be vital for you to do your part in making sure that the whole process is smooth-sailing for everyone involved. Bitcoin Trader

To help you out with that, here are five things London movers want you to know:

  1. Stay Out Of The Way, But Always Stay In Sight

This one is pretty straightforward. Your movers are skilled and experienced in what they are doing. That means they wouldn’t need you hovering and telling them how to do their jobs. Micromanaging them is probably the last thing you would want to do, as this would only slow things down and create unnecessary tension.

However, as much as they would appreciate you letting them do their own thing, it would also be beneficial for you to stick around while they are working, or at the very least let them know how and where to find you.

By keeping the communication between you and your professional movers open, you are substantially minimizing the chances for errors, misunderstandings and delays. 

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Movers While Planning The Move

While making the necessary preparations concerning your move, it is also best to take your movers into consideration. File the permits needed for them and their vehicle beforehand. You may also want to secure an elevator or a nearby parking spot to help make their jobs as easy as possible. 

Moreover, let them know about minute details and peculiarities of the pick-up and delivery locations. That means letting them know about the following:

  • The distance between the front door and the nearest available parking spot and any obstacles they may encounter getting from Point A to Point B
  • How many flights of stairs they’re going to have to take
  • How wide the hallways they’re going to be navigating are
  • Lift guidelines in your building, if there are any

This is extremely crucial, especially in London, where flats and flat buildings are typically small and narrow. Bitcoin Trader

  1. Pack Your Stuff Ahead Of Time, And Pack Them Properly

Just like you, your movers want your move to be smooth, quick, efficient and hassle-free. To achieve this, you must make sure your belongings are adequately packed and ready to be loaded into their vehicle the moment they show up. (Well, that is unless you’re springing for a full-package moving service and paying for them to pack up your stuff, too!)

That way, they’ll be able to start working right away, and therefore will be able to complete the job and get you moved into your new place as soon as possible.

Making your movers wait would also mean having them stay a few extra hours. Additionally, that would also mean having to pay them for the additional hours. And you wouldn’t want to lose any more time and money on this move, am I right?

Speaking of packing, you should also look into systematically packing your stuff. That means listing down what each box contains, and also making sure your boxes are correctly labelled. 

This will not only show your movers which boxes they need to be extra careful with, but it will also make the task of unpacking quick and easy for you later on. 

Lastly, while stuffing your smaller belongings into larger furniture like dressers and drawers seem like a good idea, this “life-hack” actually only makes your movers’ job much harder. These kinds of furniture are already heavy as it is, and packing all those books into your bedside table drawer is only going to make it much harder to transport.

  1. Take Note Of The Non-Allowable Items

Most movers have a list of items they cannot, under any circumstances, load into their truck for safety reasons. Make sure to take note of these items before you start packing up your stuff. 

While sneaking them in with the rest of your stuff probably sounds like a good idea at the moment, you should know that it is not a good idea. If an item you smuggle into your boxes gets damaged, your movers would not be held accountable for any of them. 

So, consider getting rid of those items or giving them away. Alternatively, you could also pack those belongings into your car and transport them yourself. 

  1. Be Responsible For Your Valuables

Your movers, although flattered at how much trust you’re giving them, would rather not be responsible for any valuable items such as cash, jewellery and the like. 

They would prefer doing their jobs without the burden of having to take care of such valuable items. Moreover, they would also prefer to steer clear of any trouble that may come with possibly misplacing or damaging any of your valuables.


  1. Communicate

While professional movers prefer that you stay out of the way while they do their job, it is also important for them to be clear of your expectations from them. So, take the opportunity to be as straightforward as you can from the beginning. 

Whether you are using a comparison site like WhatStorage, where you will be given many different options for professional movers, or working straight out of a moving company’s website, you will be given a chance to input your requirements. So, take the opportunity to be upfront with what you want and what you need.

This will not only ensure that you are on the same page from the get-go, but this will also weed out any moving companies who are unwilling or unable to compromise with you.

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