5 Staircases You Should Consider For Your Home

Stairs are one of the most commonly found architectural features in modern buildings, both commercial and residential. Yet, at the same time, they are one of the most overlooked design elements, and, more often than not, are associated only with their practical use. But in reality, there’s a huge number of various options available on the market – you can find any style and type of staircases you want. From spiral staircases to folding attic stairs and mezzanine stairs – you can use them to give your house a makeover and create a completely different atmosphere. So what options are there?

Ladder stairs

Ladders are gaining a lot of interest and popularity among homeowners because they are one of the most cost-effective options, and they also give you a chance to save some space since they don’t need as much of it as a normal staircase. Unfortunately, they don’t always meet the requirements of building regulations, so it’s not possible to use this option in every case. That’s why before including ladder stairs in your next renovation project, for example, your loft conversion plans, always make sure to check with your local building regulations whether this solution is possible for you.

Spiral staircases

Spiral or circular stairs are not only great when it comes to limiting the amount of floor space that has to spiral staircase wrought iron – their biggest value lies in their unique design. Instead of being simply a practical element of your interior design that gives you a comfortable way of going between the storeys, they can easily become the central decorative feature setting the tone for the whole design style.

Storage staircases

One of the most common problems homeowners face is not having enough space. Your family grows, you constantly acquire more things, and suddenly your house that used to comfortably fit everything you need starts to look cluttered and cramped because you have nowhere to store your belongings. Luckily, with the right design, you can easily turn your staircase into additional storage space – instead of letting all of the space underneath the stairs go to waste, you can simply fill it with cupboards and drawers.

Floating stairs

This is one of the most unique-looking stairs you can choose for your home. As the name suggests, their appearance gives off the impression that the steps are floating in the air. It’s achieved by attaching the steps directly to the wall or using risers made of transparent materials. Adding such a staircase to your interior design is a great idea if you’re aiming for a very modern and minimalist look – but remember that in order to comply with building regulations, you need to include a handrail in your staircase design.

Space-saving stairs

There are a few types of space-saving stairs currently available, they can have narrower steps, a steeper rise, or alternating steps – all of which enable you to save some valuable floor space while still making sure you can reach higher parts of the house. However, the building regulations are quite specific when it comes to the requirements for staircases leading to habitable rooms, so you should always make sure whether space-saving stairs meet said requirements in your case.

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