5 Questions About Building Pressure Cleaning Answer

Many building owners know that maintaining the utilities and interior infrastructure of a building is crucial. Bax clean window cleaning services are experienced, accredited and fully insured.They will likely have a maintenance team in place that sees to sticking to a regular schedule that keeps things looking tip-top. But, what about the outside of a building? If you have not considered the importance of cleaning your multi-story or high-rise building because you thought it wasn’t necessary, read on. Here are the top questions asked by maintenance teams. 

Why is Pressure Cleaning an Important Part of Building Maintenance?

In short, prevention is better than cure. Ensuring the façade of a building is cleaned regularly will save on building costs in the long term. If cleaning is not done on a maintenance basis (i.e., you wait until it is discolored or corroded), it may be more costly to clean in this state or be permanently damaged. You want to prevent the growth of moss, algae, and lichens that can lead to damage, as well as pollutants that can cause weak spots if not removed.

Pressure cleaning the façade of your building will keep it looking professional, cared for and modern – exactly the image you want to project to your clients or tenants. Impressions count, and a building that looks dirty or rundown is not one you want to project. If you’re in Miami, you can contact GWS Pressure Cleaning in Miami for the best services.

Another practical consideration is that of warranties. There will likely be a warranty in place that requires regular maintenance and cleaning (particularly in the case of cladding) to ensure the warranty remains valid.

How is Water Used to Clean Buildings?

The following water-based methods are used for cleaning façades: pressure-washing, soaking, and hot-pressurized washing. Pressure washing involves applying a pressure spray to the surface of the building, starting low and increasing as is needed. A natural-synthetic can then be used to scrub the surface for areas that need more attention. Adding non-ionic detergent can be used to get rid of oil-based dirt from surfaces. This is explicitly used as it won’t leave residue on the masonry.

Soaking can be used to loosen accumulations of soot by spraying the surface for an extended period. The area will then be pressure washed to remove the stain. Steam or hot-pressurized cleaning is used when there are soil deposits or plants on the walls. 

How Can Cleaning Prevent Masonry Decay?

Firstly, let’s look at the primary cause of masonry decay. It is moisture, which, when combined with salts left on the building from polluted rainwater or atmospheric gases, accelerates decay. That’s because the salt dissolves in water, which allows it to travel deeper into the masonry substrate through the many pores or cracks that will naturally exist. The moisture will always evaporate, leaving the salt in a crystal state. This puts pressure on the structure that, over time will break down the masonry.    

What’s a Good Option For Window Cleaning a High Rise Building?

Rope access window washing is often recommended, as it is the most versatile. The team can get anywhere they need to on the building – even hard to reach places – by adjusting their setup. It also comes with the benefit of not having to rely on scaffolding or other costly equipment. The team arrives on the day, gets access to the building, and gets to work. It also has minimal impact on the people that live or work in the building.

Alternative options include elevated mobile platforms, cradles, and the high rise automatic window cleaner (a semi-robotic system). However, cleaning windows using the rope access method allows the cleaning team to reach small spaces in hard-to-reach spaces on window sills, balconies, and crevices.  

What Should You Ask For When You Get a Quote?

Working with an experienced and insured commercial cleaning company is recommended. Cleaning buildings require high safety standards and the use of specialized equipment that requires training. Always ask a business if they have the correct credentials and experience before you ask for a quote. You could be swayed by a lower quote supplied by a less reputable outfit – instead, start by selecting your supplier from the pros. You could also ask them for references and details of buildings they have already worked with and cleaned to assess if they are the right fit for your building maintenance needs. It’s also good to check on the products they use and ensure they are safe for the environment. 

Request the company in question to visit the site to get the full picture, and then provide you with a detailed quote. They will consider the following factors: the height of the building, the weather conditions, the type of building, and the accessibility. The service should come with a free building report, which will document any issues they encounter once they begin cleaning. 

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