5 Incredible Southwest Home Design Styles

Are you looking to dive into the attractive designs of homes in the “wild southwest”? Do you find yourself often looking at the listings and wanting to purchase one? If so, then you should look further into southwest home design and all of its beauty.

The southwest housing market is truly one of a kind. Arizona, the most unique state of all 50, will give you an everyday experience you can’t get anywhere else in the country.

See below for several southwestern style home designs that you’re going to love. Be sure to use them as inspiration for your future house in the great “State 48”.

1. Futuristic

When we say “futuristic”, we want you to envision something similar to the setup in an Apple store. At first, you might not think that southwestern style homes and “futuristic” blend well together, but it offers a stark contrast that’s beautiful and encouraging.

One of the most loved features of southwestern homes is their high ceilings. The height of the home makes the entire room feel more spacious, perfect for filling with high-tech gadgets, smart home automation, and other incredible features.

Go one step further by filling the space with neutral colors, which give off a calm and balanced vibe. The guests of your home will drop their jaws as soon as they walk in. Get a few decor pieces to match the futuristic appeal and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind house.

You might consider pendant lighting or recessed lighting, depending on your preference. Both will add to the design of the house and fill the room with smart LED lighting.

2. Mid-Century

Think back to what life must have been like for those that lived in the southwest around the 1950s and 1960s. What a time to be alive!

If you’re a big fan of retro appeal, you’ll love getting the opportunity to swag out your house in mid-century Arizona items. Even If you don’t want to commit to this decor idea for the entire house, it can be a great tool for a room or two in the house.

You can use vintage color schemes, old-timey wallpaper, mid-century shelving for the kitchen, floating shelves, round tables, and an incredible talk-show style sofa.

Your mid-century home design would remind everyone of simpler times. It’s just as fun to sit in while mingling with friends, curling up with a good book, or creating Instagram-worthy pictures of your Saturday mornings.

Better yet, a lot of this stuff can be found at resale places. You can grab an exciting collection of mid-century decor by simply hitting up thrift shops. There’s a thrill to the decor game that you never knew before!

3. Native-American Style

Did you know that over 27-percent of Arizona is made up of Native American reservations? There are 21 well-known tribes, which engulfs over 80-percent of the entire state’s landmass. That’s a stat that the state can hang their hats on and be proud of!

When many people think of Native Americans, they think of the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into all the items they create. Everything in your home can be purchased from a Native American shop for a one-of-a-kind design that’s native to the state.

As you shop and look around at Peoria homes for sale, be sure to envision the ways you can pay tribute to the state’s history with Native-American decoration.

You can decorate by hanging some of their beautiful blankets along your walls, getting pillows they’ve designed, investing in animal hide rugs, or even purchasing your furniture from their shops.

Too many Arizona residents let this opportunity pass them by. Whether you live in State 48 or you wish you did, consider adding more Native-American beauty to your home’s interior. You will be glad that you did!

4. Print-Solid Hybrid

Some people choose to restrain the number of patterns and prints that they allow in their home’s design. Others go super heavy on the prints, using an abundance of them to match their vivacious personality.

Perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a Goldilocks. You don’t want too much or too little print in your home, you want to find a balance that’s just right.

If so, then it’s all about organizing the features in your home. For example, you might decide to keep all rugs and pillows a solid design while letting your furniture flaunt some beautiful patterns.

Perhaps you go the other way and keep all major furniture pieces a solid color, filling them with accessory pieces (such as pillows and portraits) with all different kinds of prints.

5. Modern-Day Southwestern

Last, but certainly not least, we have the modern-day dream. Many people are falling in love with southwestern homes because of how beautifully they blend with most modern-day home decor trends.

A big thing is filling your space with masculine colors, southwestern prints, and faux bull skulls on your walls. Consider integrating wall pieces with buffaloes, horses, and other animals that are native to the southwest.

Keep the design as contemporary or well-balanced as you like, but there’s never a bad time to get a bit daring with bolder colors. It will add more flair to your home’s aesthetic.

Fill Your Home With Southwest Home Design Today

Now that you have seen all the different ways you can fill your home with southwest home design features, be sure to use it to your advantage.

Start by looking around online for some of your favorite ideas. You might fall in love with certain patterns or colors that you want to incorporate. Start there, and fill the rest of the room around it.

Also, be sure to browse our website for more articles on styling your home, as well as many other helpful topics.

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