5 Impressive Benefits of Solar Generators

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these…” Normally we’d finish that line with a reference to postal workers, but in this case, we’re talking about solar generators. 

If you’ve ever experienced an enduring power outage during severe weather, you know that worries extend well beyond a loss of frozen foods. For many, a loss of power can impact health and safety. To prevent those consequences, many people who live in areas impacted by severe storms invest in a generator. 

A standard generator may do the job, but a solar generator may be a better investment. Keep reading to learn why. 

  1. Eco-friendly/Green

Because a solar generator collects and stores power from the sun, it doesn’t require fossil fuels to run and so produces clean energy for your use. Further, they’re not nearly as noisy, so if you’re worried about noise pollution as well, this is a great choice.

  1. Low Maintenance

If small engine repair isn’t in your wheelhouse, this may be the best benefit. A solar generator has no moving parts and so there’s very little need for maintenance. Nothing’s worse than losing your auxiliary power source during an outage because it needs repair.

  1. Portability and Versatility

If you’ve ever tried to move a standard generator, you know they’re big and bulky and, even with wheels, it can be difficult to move to the places we need them. If it’s not a storm that requires the generator but the sound system at an outdoor party or charging needs for phones on an extended camping trip, a variety of items can be powered by portable solar generator units.

Further, in severe weather, sometimes gasoline is a tough commodity to find, particularly after major storms that impact entire regions. For this reason, a solar generator’s a way better bet. 

  1. Safety

If the primary use of the generator will be in or near your home, then safety becomes a major concern. Because they require fuel to run, you’ll need to worry about fuel storage which is a concern. However, the generator itself is a fire hazard whether from an overload or a short. 

In addition to fire hazard concerns, because it’s running on fossil fuels, gas-powered generators also pose a carbon monoxide poisoning risk if not run in an area with proper ventilation. 

Safety issues like this are not a concern when using a solar generator.

  1. Cost-efficiency

Because the initial cost of a solar generator is higher than that of a standard generator, many don’t consider that cost efficiency is one of the best benefits of a solar generator.

First, you save money on actually running the generator. There’s no need to continuously buy gasoline. Over the long-term of ownership, these savings definitely add up. Further, there’s no need for costly repairs or parts, or what it costs to pay someone to do those repairs.  

Purchase Your Solar Generators Today

Whether you need to prepare for inclement weather or your next outdoor event, the benefits of solar generators are worth considering. It’s a smart investment, especially considering the increase in severe storms, and one that should be informed by understanding all the benefits of solar energy.

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