5 Great Home Additions to Consider Committing To

According to record sales data from Lowe’s and Home Depot, people are spending more on their homes than ever before.

They’re finding renovation jobs around the house they never had time to get to. They’re repurposing rooms for remote working and homeschooling. Renovating and buying houses seems like a stable place to put all those lockdown savings.


If you’re considering a home addition, you’re not alone. Below, we take a closer look at the American home renovation trends for 2020 worth dropping your dosh on.

Home Addition: Adding a Room

Adding a room can be costly. From lower-cost additions like a sunroom off your kitchen right up to an average spend of $50,000 for a new bathroom.

Smart reasons to invest in major home renovations that add space include switching up your routine at home, adding a new family member, or renovating a basement.

Just don’t be tempted to knock out a closet or sacrifice that fifth bedroom for a bigger master suite. You could accidentally end up reducing your home’s resale value.

Help the Environment: Build aGarden Area

Efforts by native wildlife conservation groups in the USA have been paying off. According to a survey by the National Garden Association, over 23 million Americans converted some of their yards to a wildflower garden in 2019 alone.

If you have a garden already, make it more friendly to local wildlife by adding some native plants to the area. A water feature like a birdbath or pond will give birds and bugs something to drink. Trees provide nest sites for birds and bugs while flowering shrubs provide food for pollinators.

Outdoor Patio for Relaxation

In the past decade, the number of homeowners with a patio increased by 5 percent, while the number of households with a patio and a porch jumped by 8 percent.

That was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, keeping us at home more than ever before.

If you’re looking to improve indoor-outdoor flow and make the most out of your yard, nothing can be more useful than installing a beautifully designed deck. Just don’t DIY it! Get a professional bricklayer in to give you a long-lasting, aesthetically appealing patio.

Add a trellis or shade sail for protection from the sun. Build in a pizza oven or outdoor kitchen for maximum outdoor time. Seat the whole family at a trending outdoor dining set.

Boost Curb Appeal: Front PorchRevamp

Are you embarrassed by how your home looks from the road?

Make the mood-boosting choice to spend some savings on a front porch revamp. The first thing to look at is what maintenance your porch needs. For example, do the eaves or brickwork need crack repair?

Next, glove up and give the porch a good scrub–hire a pressure washer if it’s really dirty. Get bold and paint it vibrant colors to match the latest trends. Install bistro lights for a romantic touch.

Improve your pool Area

There were 221 media reports of pool and spa drownings in the USA in 2019. Given these tragic statistics, installing a safety fence and gates around your swimming pool is a must.

That safety fence construction is going to ruin your pool surroundings. You may as well invest in a pool area redesign at the same time.

Need a spot to stretch out in that banana lounger? Get a bricklayer in to add attractive pavers around your swimming pool. Hire a carpenter to build a raised deck for your above ground pool.

Budget Carefully for Greatest Returns

Whether you’re making a home addition for practical or aesthetic purposes, it’s a good idea to balance your wants against your budget.

It’s better not to get into debt for a home renovation. Prioritize projects and do your research to keep costs down and avoid taking a loan.

Looking for more top tips to make your home the best it can be? Rummage through the articles on our website today!

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