5 Amazing Tips for Refurbishing Your Kitchen

What is the difference between a kitchen refurbishment and a kitchen remodel? You should know the answer to that question before you talk to someone about updating your kitchen.

When you refurbish a space, you don’t change the layout or its intended purpose. You update the style, feel, and look of the kitchen without moving cabinets or plumbing or the overall design.

Are you wondering how to refurbish a kitchen? Refurbishing your kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep reading to learn five amazing tips for creating the kitchen of your dreams.

New Flooring

Is your current flooring old and tired looking? There are many new types of flooring that go right over the top of what you have. You can go with vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood or an easy-to-clean laminate.

Talk to a flooring professional to see what your options are and go from there.

Refurbishing Old Kitchen Cabinets

Have you been wondering how to refurbish kitchen cabinets? You can go about this in a couple of different ways. Do you like the style of your cabinets, but feel that the color or type of wood is outdated?

If so, you can paint the cabinets to give them new life. This can be a DIY project or something to leave to a professional. Cabinet painting is pretty popular so you’ll have no trouble finding a professional.

Another option is to replace the doors and drawer fronts. This is a less expensive option than replacing all of your cabinets with new ones.

Update Countertops

Do you have laminate, tile, or butcher block countertops? Replacing these with something more modern like granite, marble, or concrete can completely change the look of the space.

If you’re handy, you can tackle this project yourself. If not, hire a pro.

Replace Appliances

Depending on the age and style of your appliances, replacing them with the latest style will give your kitchen a new look with virtually no mess.

Appliance sizes remain standard. You’ll be able to find the right size to fit into the space you have.

Update Hardware and Lighting

Are your light fixtures out of the 1990s? How about your hardware? What is the latest finish being used in today’s kitchens? Do a little research and change out your hardware and lighting.

The trend right now is matte black, elegant gold, or warm copper. Choose the one that best compliments your color scheme.

Looking for amazing quality pre-assembled cabinets? We have many made in the USA cabinets at the best prices guaranteed.

Are You Pondering Refurbishing Your Kitchen?

Now that you have some tips for refurbishing your kitchen, are you ready to get started? Before you begin, be sure to have a plan and try to stick to it. Remember the return on your investment in your kitchen, if done right, is always a positive.

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