4 Signs You Have Unwanted Guests in Your Home

What does a bed bug look like? How do people get infestations? Why do my kids have so many little bites? What is that musty smell in the morning? Are any of these questions familiar, perhaps you wonder where that little dark and reddish marks in the sheets come from? 

Most people today probably don’t think about bed bugs, a lot, well that could be about to change? Thinking these are things that affected our parents or grandparents when home cleaning was less automated or just harder even that these are a thing of the past is a mistake! One we can easily fix. 


Run a Quick Search

It only takes a quick Google search on how we can get bed bugs to change our minds! We can pick the little critters up anywhere, they will hitch a ride on most textiles even synthetic ones; so clothes, luggage, a purse anything is a ticket into our homes. Oh! Did I mention they can move between apartments? 


How? Again it is probably not that hard to find out but we are getting off point… Have you seen Bugs Life, then just imagine; perhaps in the ventilation, under the floorboards, skirtings these little critters hide during the day quite creatively so imagine how they move!

So Who Is Cimex Lectularius

Yes, that’s the official name for your bed companions and they are a nocturnal parasite who feeds off warm blood. They are not easy to confuse with dust mites who live off dead skin and are microscopic, yet are compared a lot! Bed bugs grow to the size of an apple seed, they are oval in shape typically have a brown to reddish color, they lay whitish creamy eggs and shed their exoskeletons.

Yep, the only good news is they don’t fly, I read that they have wings or don’t but even the sites that claim they have wings say they are useless ones! You can see the eggs, and if you are finding red or dark spots on the sheets it’s either excrement, theirs, or you crushed them in your sleep. Where they live you find musty odors if any of this sounds familiar, call a professional.

How to Get Rid of a Bed Bug

Perhaps a better place to start is how to see bed bugs and the time to look is during their active cycle or at night right? Then how late after all we need to sleep at night especially after a long day all we want is to fall into bed; nobody wants to strip the sheets and make like a CSI to look for bugs. It’s not just evenings, people don’t want to give up their time on the weekend or add to the morning rush of activity, perhaps after a not so good night’s sleep to investigate if we have bed bugs. 


So our routine takes over and we get ready for our days’ engagements and unwittingly fall into a pattern of poor sleep, even health issues, and blame stress for example!. There is good news as these experts over in San Diego say you can see bed bugs during the day. As with any professional service, they will also find them for you. I expect they might even show you the critters if you ask!

Wait you Said Health Risks Come On! 

Yes, there are! When sitting in a meeting a colleague may appear distracted, uncomfortable they may even scratch so looking closer and they appear tired perhaps stressed! This could be any of us and we see it in another we make judgment’s “Late night Last Night” “Drinking during the week!” You would never think they might have Bed Bugs.

A manager can not excuse this or give advice on such a thing but there are so many reasons a person is not at their optimum and bed bugs are an example of the unexpected. What about your kids perhaps waking up with bites even scars if it goes on long enough, what about their school performance after a poor nights’ sleep.

So given we can pick them up anywhere, anytime, and bring them home without knowing it. That once they acclimate to their new home, ours, they can cause us to lose sleep scratch and otherwise not be our optimum. Considering they only approach us when we sleep due to our heat and the CO2 we exclude and inject us with an anesthetic before they suck our blood! Well calling the exterminators should have a place on everyone’s calendar! Oh, and if you surprise them they emit a musty odor as they escape, well put it on your calendar to call a professional.

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