3 Things To Look For In A Home Cleaning Service Provider

Keeping your house clean and getting rid of the clutter, dirt, and bacteria can bring a lot of benefits to your lives. It can reduce your chances of getting sick and can also change your mood and energy positively.

However, it’s hard to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule especially if you’re always busy at work and have no time in giving your house a little clean-up. Fortunately, there are reliable home cleaning service providers out there like Pristine Home who can do all the dirty work for you.

But choosing the right team of professional home cleaners can be a bit of work, too. Afterall, it’s your private space that you’re giving some strangers access to.

Don’t worry. In this piece we’ll give you some insights on what qualities to look for in a home cleaning company and some red flags you should avoid.


The level of experience of any company that offers very specific services is paramount. In this case, the home cleaning service provider must at least be in the business for a good number of years. Being in the industry for a long time only means that they provide quality service to last that long.

While it’s already hard to start a business, staying in the game is a different story. In fact it may actually be harder to maintain the biz than start it. And if a cleaning company has served generations of customers, you know they’re the real deal.

Not to give a bad name to the up-and-coming businesses, but if we were to choose between a start-up and a storied business, we’ll go for the latter for its proven track record.


This type of responsiveness is what customers actually need. If a cleaning service provider is responsive, it only means that they prioritize the needs of their clients whether they’re setting up an appointment or just inquiring.

When you’ve found that cleaning company who’s responsive, make sure that they answer your questions respectfully and thoroughly. Replying in an instant is not always synonymous to replying courteously. It’s also reassuring when you’re talking to a company who answers your queries professionally and concisely. It means that they really know what they’re doing and it will reflect on their performance during the clean-up itself.

Never engage with companies who take days to reply and are not reachable via their provided number. It shows their approach and attitude towards their clients. 

Reviews Filled With Five Stars

Customer reviews are basically your sneak peek to their actual service. Reviews usually take time to write and most customers never really bother to write one. So you know you’re in for honest verdicts because it takes either a really satisfied or a completely disappointed customer to write that review.

So if you’re looking for the best cleaning service provider right now, look up their website and see if their reviews are actually good. If their website is filled with five stars, then you might have just found your professional cleaners. If not, just jump on to the next until you find that company.

Don’t just focus on the stars, though. It may be too tedious to read their comments, but you have to. This way, you’ll know what points of improvement that the past customers mentioned. And if you decide to hire them, you’ll see if they actually worked on those improvements. That says only one thing: they really value their clients.

Choosing the best cleaning provider requires time and effort just like cleaning the actual home. But it’s still not as tedious. So if you’re always as busy as a bee, hiring a cleaning service is a much better option.

Unless you already have dedicated professional cleaners for your home, there are a lot of choices out there to weed out. That’s why we whipped up these guidelines for you to follow. We’re sure you’ll land the right home cleaning experts like the Pristine Home team who can make your home sparkling clean while you’re out in the mall, spa, or at work.  




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