3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Vintage Rugs for Your Living Area

If you are refurnishing your home, one way of accentuating your existing furniture is to opt for vintage carpeting to make everything stand out. Adding the Persian rugs into your home brings a high level of elegance that no other furnishings can offer.

The use of vintage rugs has long been established to bridge traditional interior design and modern furniture arrangements. It brings a different level of cosiness to an area and provides your home with a welcoming warmth.  

Vintage rugs are far superior in quality compared to other carpeting material in the market. It makes an area feel sophisticated with its delicate patterns and colour schemes. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider a vintage rug during your home furnishing project.

Comes in a Variety of Colour Patterns to Match Any Space

Modern carpets lack the sophistication and superiority of vintage rugs because of many things, including its color patterns.  Antique rugs are often handwoven, which provides authenticity and uniqueness. These floor coverings are usually designed based on traditional Middle Eastern patterns where mass production has been known for decades.  

Its colors, elaborate patterns, and quality lends itself to the Eastern culture and brings a different vibe to a living space. Consequently, these carpets’ wool material goes through a rigid natural dye (taken from various plant sources). 

What it means is that vintage rug colors are more likely to last longer than manufactured tints. Naturally, dyed floor coverings are likely to last longer because they bind with the material’s natural fibers. The natural bond is more stable, providing a hue that lasts for decades.

Last Longer than Most Commercial Rugs in the Market

Modern carpets do not have the same quality as vintage rugs. When you buy one, you can expect the materials to start shedding or show wear signs in just a couple of years. Vintage rugs, on the other hand, are made from high-quality wool that can withstand the rigours of everyday foot traffic. 

Aside from its grandeur and aesthetics, this is one of the reasons why most hotels and estate owners opt for vintage rugs. Vintage carpets are also softer than most modern carpets, providing more warmth and the inviting feel you get from having a soft floor covering. 

When you walk barefoot on the carpet, you can easily tell which is vintage or modern. It is because of the warm softness of an old rug. Vintage rugs are the excellent choice of material if you are lounging around the living room on cold and biting mornings.

Give Your Living Space a Unique Character Only Vintage Rugs can Offer

Modern rugs lack all the elements that can make a room more elegant. Its material, design pattern, make, and overall mystique do not match what vintage rugs can offer. Vintage rugs are also made to last forever. 

It can match any furniture setting – whether you have antique furnishings or modern couches and tables. Vintage rugs are time-worn pieces that will never go away anytime soon. They provide all the conveniences of traditions without isolating the modern aesthetics most home living rooms are designed with.

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