3 Quick Ways to Diagnose Laptop Water Damage

Although the history of computers doesn’t extend back that far, the term computer was first used in 1613. You can find it in the book, The Yong Mans Gleanings by Richard Braithwaite. It means a person who performs computations and calculations.

Are you wondering whether you have laptop water damage? In this article, explore the top ways to tell if you have damage from water in your computer. Move your water, sit down, and read on to explore these top signs you won’t want to miss for identifying laptop water damage.


1. Inspection

The top way to tell if you need laptop repairs is by doing a visual inspection for water damage. Check the case and see if there’s any liquid within the components. If there is, you’ll want to unplug your computer right away.

2. Sticky Keys

Do you notice sticky keys on your keyboard? This can mean that a sticky item such as wine or juice might have soaked in. Since there’s backing on keyboards, it might not have gotten past your keyboard keys.

3. Water Detection Sticker

See if your computer’s manufacture has a sticker inside your computer. If so, check the color since a changing color will mean it’s wet.

What To Do?

After you unplug your computer or laptop, you’ll want to turn it off. Next, flip your laptop over.

This helps to remove any leftover liquid. It’s a good idea to remove the battery during this as well.

If the spill is recent, you’ll want to pat your laptop dry. Consider using toiler paper since it’s absorbent.

Unplug any accessories as well. This ensures that the water doesn’t extend to any external accessories.

Consider opening the computer case if you’re able to. This will let the spill dry out.

If you have a Mac, it’s difficult to open them. You might want to consider a computer repair tech for these.

If you can’t get your laptop to work, you’ll want to reach out to an expert to see your options. They can take a look at the damage, and assess your options. They can also take a look to see if any backup or data was stored that can be saved.

Waterproof Options

In order to avoid this from happening again, you can buy waterproof options for your computer. Consider a keyboard and key cover.

You can also consider a full shell for your laptop as well. When carrying your laptop, use a laptop bag to protect it from water damage and other hazards. Never cover ventilation holes in the bag.

Computer Safety Tips

To avoid new laptop damage, it’s a good idea to keep a lid on all drinks. This is a great way to prevent your drink from spilling onto your computer.

Avoid leaving a drink at your desk without being there. Children and pets can come by and knock it over.

Diagnosing Laptop Water Damage

Now that you’ve explored diagnosing laptop water damage, you should have a better idea of how to diagnose your laptop. Would you like to read more lifestyle content? For everything from home renovation to ideas, check out our other articles today.

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