10 Interior Design Projects for Students

Every profession is important and brings a lot of pleasure for people who have chosen it. When a person is creative and talented, he/she frequently chooses the arts and design. Many youngsters go to special colleges and universities to become famous designers. However, the path is long and complex.

One of the most important demands is to be original. You’re supposed to step out of the crowd by introducing new and sometimes revolutionary projects. If you simply mimic the ones who came before, you’re out of the competition. The experts from a pro essay writing company AdvancedWriters agree that this task is overly complex. Even if you have a brilliant mind and advanced skills, you may not be able to express yourself. We believe that when a person stumbles because of creative issues, he/she simply needs a few good examples or ideas. Therefore, this informative article provides 10 captivating interior design projects for students.


Japan is an interesting country with quite unique and very uncommon customs and traditions. Its people have multiple brilliant design ideas and Wabi-Sabi is one of them. It’s a workshop space, which suggests furnishings that were upcycled and so are of better quality than their original form. It’s an uncommon shop that focuses on imperfections and tries to reach perfection.

This project offers an adaptable and ever-changing space. Every product has its story, which is told through displays. The visitors are welcome to either buy the products or suggest their own ideas. It likewise provides special areas to develop different skills.

Relaxation for Seminars


Many students feel inconvenient and tense during their seminars. One of the reasons is the interior of the standard classroom. What if we change them into something cozy and relaxing? We suggest removing all the desks and leaving only one chair for the teacher. Students are given captivating and unique rock pillows. The walls are painted blue to promote peace and relaxation. Such a classroom definitely ensures convenience and helps to get rid of mental pressure.

Studio and Store

Another option is to combine a studio and a store. It’s an original approach that is practiced in many countries of the world. One part is quite common because it offers the products you may buy. The second part allows for delving deeper into the products you may acquire. The interior should fully suit your targeted customers. Besides, they are supposed to be supervised by video recording. It should create the feeling of a journey that explains why a certain product is important for customers. The interior should match the goal. Many interior designers combine video presentations with standard elements of the interior.

Vintage Learning Area


Consider trying vintage flair for your room, classroom, or workplace. It’s supposed to be a light and big place. Add cushioned furniture, original carpets, and get rid of standard chairs and tables. Such a place will become a refuge for all people who need to relax, put off mental pressure, find peace, and comfort.

Musical Euphoria

You can create original attractions outside. Thus, you may arrange one street into an entertainment musical festival. Divide the street into different zones where different musical styles will sound. Make sure the decorations suit a concrete style.

Colorful Tiered Seating


There is another great idea about how to make interpersonal communication more pleasant. Many designers are hired right for this reason. For example, big and small enterprises have to conduct different gatherings that discuss the current problems, future plans, or simply summon workers for important announcements. Business leaders want to deliver important messages in an original, and comforting place. Thus, you may suggest trying uncommon seats that have different colors. Make the seats original and give them a shape of a chest of a drawer or something like that. People will happily visit similar rooms and will feel relaxed and focused.


Many people tend to be sentimental and dream of having the past days back. Many youngsters see movies that describe old Chicago in 1940th or New York in 1960th. They have never lived in those times but want to have at least a bit of it. You can give that sense to such people by creating a specific atmosphere with the interior. Find the things that belong to a certain epoch or create similar duplicates. Store them naturally in one place and others will feel that magnificent nature. Many thematic cafés use that approach.


Beer trends are very popular today. When you decorate a beer pub, you can implement different installations that suit the atmosphere. Thus, a designer can use beer barrels instead of chairs and tables. You may likewise ensure a beer brewing experience that shows the entire process and thus entertains visitors. 


Nadia Wroteka has offered a clever method of how to make people healthier. She suggested creating a special café that sells smoothies and medically-based IV infusions that provide people with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Besides, app technology provides relevant information about vitamin deficiency and how to avoid it. You can utilize this concept and propose your own approach.


You can try the method introduced by Abbie Gawtry. She suggested special areas for care homes that take care of elderly patients with dementia and similar deviations. Each area is devoted to a certain theme and is decorated thanks to an adequate interior. Thus, families can gather regularly and create new memories and experiences. Such visits won’t be painful anymore and all the participants will be happy. Don’t forget what features help to run a successful interior.

It’s sometimes difficult to create some new design projects when a billion concepts have been suggested already. Nevertheless, the human brain is a perfect tool for the creation of new projects if you use it correctly. Use the ideas we have proposed in our article for inspiration. You’re likewise welcome to look for similar options to widen your horizons. Try to separate details and combine them freshly and innovatively to enjoy the desired success.


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