10 Environment-Friendly Paints That Fits Your Style

Harsh chemicals have been the main ingredients in paints for many years. There weren’t quality and durable paints without using these chemicals in manufacturing plants. The health and environmental impacts that they would bring had not come to light then.

Nowadays, homeowners have shifted their interests to naturally-sourced paints. Paint makers have had to change their ingredients while retaining quality.


Here are a few examples of these paints.


  1. Interior Wall Paint

This paint by Clare paints is non-hazardous and thus a great pick for green buildings. It has a GREENGUARD Gold approval and Certification for home use. Wilko Painting Brisbane uses it because of its zero volatile organic compounds and air pollutants composition. Its self-priming and low odor feature also make it suitable for use.


  1. Estate Emulsion by Farrow & Ball

There are many eco-friendly paint options made by Farrow & Ball, and Estate Emulsion is one of their best. It is a family-friendly and 100 percent water-based selection. It also has GREENGUARD approval for safety and contains no VOCs. That makes it suitable for interior painting of homes.


  1. EcoProcote’s DuraSOY PRO

This professional-grade paint is all you need to build an eco-friendly home. Its main ingredients are renewable and come from plants, making it non-toxic. It is perfect for exterior painting as it contains high solids that won’t peel off easily. Its lack of VOCs is another great eco-friendly feature.


  1. Solvent-Free Paint by BioShield

It contains nine different eco-friendly ingredients that make it suitable for homes. This paint contains no VOCs and has approval by GREENGUARD for environmental safety. It is a suitable alternative to conventional paints but not best for high moisture areas of your home.


  1. EUROLUX House formulation

This paint is compliant with LEED requirements for indoor paints. It is, therefore, a great product to use at home without any effects. The manufacturer has a vast color selection for you to consider with low VOC options that require little to no maintenance available.


  1. No 524 by AURO

AURO made this paint suitable for interior home painting. It is non-vegan with most ingredients derived from plants to bring nature closer home. It meets all the safety standards, having undergone rigorous tests following European standards. It also has low VOCs making it adhere to the set standards.


  1. Natura Waterborne Interior Paint

This paint comes from Benjamin Moore’s manufacturing plant. The company produces a wide range of paints varied in color. All are Eco-friendly, have undergone rigorous testing and earned a Green Seal certification. They are asthma and allergies non-triggers. Best of all is that they retain color for years and are self-priming.


  1. Vega paint now Marmopure

This paint has gained popularity among homeowners looking for safe products. Its ingredients consist of natural earth and mineral pigments. It is an excellent pick for home use as it has no VOCs and synthetic colors. It guarantees environmental safety because it is bio-degradable.


  1. Exterior Satin Wall

This paint works perfectly on different kinds of surfaces. It is 100% water-based and thus one of the best options for environmental safety. The fact that it is VOC-free also makes it a good pick for creating a healthy atmosphere at your home. It comes in a vast selection of colors, both for interior and exterior styling.


  1. Premium interior with an Eggshell finish

This paint draws its ingredients from plants. It is an excellent pick for chemical-sensitive homeowners who want friendly paints. It’s zero VOC composition makes it fit this description perfectly. It also has a GREENGUARD environmental friendliness certification.


Use Paints That Will Be Easy on You and The Environment

These are examples of paints that you can use for your home to promote safe and healthy living. They all contain zero VOCs with ingredients drawn from plants. Besides, they have undergone testing and earned certifications for promoting green building. Some are great for internal and others for exterior painting.

Most of these paints also have several color varieties to consider. They do not contain any odors and will not trigger your allergies or asthma. You should consider them if you’re chemical sensitive as they’re very safe. Ensure you find experienced painters to help you get the job done.



Jim Pulman has extensive knowledge and experience in Home Building, Construction, and Design. He writes articles in his free time and partners with content creators to share his expertise with the online community


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