10 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If you worry about your well-being and how the quality of your sleep affects your life, you should keep on reading. You may know that how you sleep impacts your life, and you need to make sure you’re only making the right choices in terms of bedding, mattresses, tops, pillows, and so on.

Paying the high dollar for your sheets is something you should do every once in a while. Since you get a long-lasting mattress and a reliable topper, you should also open your wallet big and buy the luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets. Not only that they handle the use for a long time, but they also make you feel pampered.

What’s so special about Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton is no regular cotton as it’s grown in Egypt and stands out with the fine and long-staple. It’s the perfect choice for weaving into high thread count sheets. The higher the count for your cotton, the richer and more luxurious the sheets are going to be.

The essential quality of Egyptian cotton is that it’s handpicked, which protects the fibers and lowers the risk of damage. Therefore, the country of origin doesn’t give the quality of the cotton, but the picking process makes it Egyptian or not!

What are the main benefits of Egyptian cotton?

It’s evident that Egyptian cotton is the gold standard, combining both comfort and luxury. Apart from that, let’s take a look at the main benefits of this particular kind of cotton:

  • High thread count

Thread count is what gives the quality of your sheets. It’s the number of threads woven together, leading a square inch of your sheet. A high thread count means high quality for the sheets, with Egyptian cotton presenting a higher thread counts than its opponents.

  • Long cotton staples

Staple relates to the length of the cotton fibers. The longer the staples, the longer and stronger the threads. Egyptian cotton has the longest cotton staples, which is why the yarn is beautiful, soft, yet stronger and more durable than any other cotton fibers.

  • No pilling

Low-quality sheets or low thread counts sheets are always going to develop pills of fabric sooner or later. However, Egyptian cotton produces little to no lint, which makes the pilling a rare thing.

  • Durability

As long as you take good care of your Egyptian cotton sheets, they should last you for many years to come. You should wash them weekly for removing dirt and dust, which break down the fibers sooner than you’d want.

  • Breathability

Due to its properties, Egyptian cotton improves airflow through sheets, so you sleep cool and fresh all night long. It wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you warm in the cold season.

One last recommendation before you start shopping

Most of the time, Egyptian cotton sheets are seen as an investment in the long run. High-quality Egyptian cotton may even leave your wallet empty, so know your budget before you go shopping.

However, when you take good care of your Egyptian cotton sheets, they may last you for decades, which is incredible for some cotton sheets.

You still cannot decide? Well, there’s only one way to try the Egyptian cotton sheets so you should get down with it already!

TOP 10 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If your money is tight and you’re not the pickiest customer, you should try the Plushy Comfort Luxury Brand, Split King Sheet Set.

The sheets are made with 800TC Egyptian cotton, providing a luxurious feel for an excellent price. They’re single-ply sheets that feel nice and come with deep pockets. They’re entirely elasticized and don’t shift during your sleep.

Since they’re machine washable, the sheets are straightforward to take care of. They’re instead basic sheets, but many customers are only looking for this type of comfort. The Italian finishing is beautiful, and the sheets are a good buy, especially when you’re not willing to spend a lot.

The pros are as following:

  • They’re single-ply and soft sheets
  • They’re made with 800TC Egyptian cotton
  • They’re great for basic needs
  • They stay in place and come with deep pockets

For this kind of price, don’t act surprised if you run into some problems:

  • Some think that the finish is a tad scratchy
  • They’re not fancy, but basic
Cotton Sheets

When you know that basic sheets work for you, these are going to be a solid choice, leaving you with enough money for other purchases.

Shopping on a fixed budget is no picnic, but it doesn’t mean you should lose faith right away. The Queen Sheets Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton (SGI Bedding) isn’t just an affordable choice, but also excellent value for the money.

The fabric is pre-shrunk and mercerized. It’s also bio-polished for a more delicate feel against the skin. It’s why the sheets feel soft and pleasant against the skin.

The sheets are entirely elasticized, providing a snug fit over the mattress. They stay in place and ensure better comfort. No matter how much you’re moving throughout the night, the sheets are going to stay in place.

The deep pockets are useful and help with the fitting, and the sheets are easy to take care of. You may machine wash cold them with similar colors. Don’t bleach and make sure to tumble dry low.

The colors are beautiful, and you have many options to choose from.

Here’s our take of the pros:

  • They are made with 550TC Egyptian cotton
  • They feel soft and look luxurious
  • They are elasticized and have deep pockets
  • The colors are beautiful

The minor problems don’t concern us:

  • You may not get a sateen feel
  • The top sheet seems a bit narrow

Regardless of the issues, the sheets are soft, comfortable, and don’t break the bank. What’s not to like about it?

The Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, White King Sheets Set feel soft and seem to be durable, which is more than enough for many out there.

The sheets are made with 100% Long Staple pure cotton, coming in attractive colors. They’re entirely elasticized for a snug fit on tour mattress. The 15in deep pockets are a great detail, helping you fit the sheets even on deep and pillow-top beds.

Since they’re woven from beautiful Egyptian Cotton yarn, the sheets are breathable and durable. The unique finishing process makes them soft, with minor risk for wrinkling.

The sheets wash thoroughly and have no specific smell out of the box. They feel crisp and thick, benefiting the allergic customer as well.

Let’s have a quick look at the functional aspects:

  • They’re made with 600tc Egyptian cotton
  • They’re crisp and feel soft
  • They’re thick and durable
  • They wash thoroughly and barely wrinkle

Don’t let the downsides stand in your way when placing the order:

  • They may pop off the corners at times
  • Some wrinkling may happen after washing, if not washing correctly

The sheets are thick, crisp, durable, and feel soft. Take a leap of faith, especially since they come for a bargain price!

In all fairness, the 800-Thread-Count Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton Queen Sheets Set (Chateau Home Collection) may win the popularity contest. You’d have to scroll down for finding out the details, though.

The sheets are made with 800TC Egyptian cotton and may tick most boxes you want in Egyptian cotton sheets. Since they’re imported from Ethically Certified Factory in India, they present high quality, becoming softer r with every wash.

You can select from a myriad of colors that don’t fade out in time. The colors run true to pictures, so you only need to decide which ones you like best.

The sheets are breathable and sweat-wicking, balancing your body temperature throughout the night. They keep you fresh in the summer, and warm during the cold season.

Once you put them on, the sheets stay in place and don’t bunch up. They are thick and have a nice weight. They’re dense and comfortable.

Listing the best parts:

  • They’re made with 800TC Egyptian cotton
  • They’re dense and heavy, in the right way
  • They feel soft and comfortable
  • They’re breathable and balance temperature

Here’s what we like less:

  • Some think that they’re a bit smaller than expected
  • The seams could be better

You shouldn’t forget that you get comfortable, amazing, breathable, and beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets for an excellent price, which pretty much says it all.

Made with 1000TC Egyptian cotton, the True Luxury 1000-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets represent one of the most incredible choices for the price you’re paying.

The sheets are individually tailored, which says a lot about the fantastic craftsmanship. The cotton is anti-pilling type and highly breathable, increasing your comfort when you sleep.

The colors are fantastic, and the sheets are dyed with a dye that doesn’t fade from washing. Besides, the dyes are eco-friendly and have no chemicals.

The sheets also come with 4-way corners, with minimal risk for shifting at night. The 4″ hem gives them an incredible finish, and the sheets look luxurious, without you paying the high-dollar.

The sheets are defect-free and have a nice weight. They feel good, and the stitching makes them durable.

Let’s check the best parts one last time:

  • They’re tailored individually
  • They’re made with 1000TC Egyptian cotton
  • They are thick and heavy
  • The dyes are 100% echo-friendly

The shortcomings don’t make it as deal breakers:

  • The risk for wrinkling isn’t null after washing
  • Some expected them to get softer in time

All in all, the sheets present high quality, unusual, craftsmanship, and fantastic comfort, without emptying your wallet. Why not take the plunge?

The Comfy Sheets Ultra Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set is made with 1000TC Egyptian cotton, which explains the luxurious feel.

The sheets are made with 100% long-staple cotton fiber and fantastic sateen weave. They’re soft and don’t lose color in time.

The fitted sheets come with elastic for better, and a snug fit over the mattress. The pockets are deep enough for allowing the perfect fit.

The sheets are made with high strength and long-lasting stitching threads, which is why the sheets are durable. Every bed linen is individually inspected over and over again, rending the sheets to be defect-free, with minor risk for shrinking and pilling.

The signature 4-in hemstitch gives the sheet an elegant finish. The sheets come in great colors that go with any print/pattern in your bedroom.

They help you sleep cool and dry, taking machine washing at home.

We’re concentrating on the best parts once again:

  • They’re made with 1000TC Egyptian cotton
  • They let you sleep cool and dry
  • They feel soft and durable
  • The stitching is amazing

Far from being deal breakers, here are the shortcomings:

  • The risk for shrinkage isn’t null
  • Some think that they’re too thin

The sheets stand out with the durability build, high-quality material, and amazing soft feel. Throw the excellent price into the equation, and you understand why the sheets are so popular.

The subtle softness of the 1000 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Set is one of the many things to like about the sheets. However, they sure deliver on other levels too.

The sheets are made with 1000TC Egyptian cotton and come in vibrant colors. You can choose from different sizes, with the sateen weave and lustrous sheen impressing the most.

The fitted sheets feature elastic and deep pockets, fitting mattresses from 6 to 18″ thickness.

The sheets have a durable feel and are densely woven. You may machine wash them, but only tumble dry low. Remove them from the dryer right away so that you reduce the risk for wrinkling.

Here’s the list of pros:

  • They’re made with 1000TC Egyptian cotton
  • The fitted sheets are entirely elasticized and have deep pockets
  • They’re soft and feel comfortable
  • They’re machine washable

The inherent problems complete the picture:

  • Some appreciate them to be a bit scratchy at first
  • One may doubt that they’re 1000TC since they’re not heavy

More often than not, the sheets are going to meet your expectations in terms of durability, feel, and level of comfort.

The 1000 Thread Count Bed Sheet Sets don’t make a solid choice for the tight budget, but they sure deserve every single penny.

The sheets are made with 1000TC Egyptian cotton and feel soft and luxurious right from the start. The fitted sheets come with deep pockets, matching mattresses up to 15in thick.

The build is impressive as the sheets are made with four-over, one-under single-ply sateen weave. They’re long-lasting and luxurious at the same time. The 4″ hem with piping for every flat sheet and pillowcase gives them an elegant feel.

As long as you wash the sheets with cold water and mild detergent, they present a minimal risk for color fading, wrinkling, or shrinking. Make sure you only tumble dry on low as well. Check the dryer when they’re done. The fact that there’s no lint behind says a lot about the craftsmanship and quality of these sheets!

We sure like a lot some of their qualities:

  • The fabric used is 1000TC Egyptian cotton (grown in the Nile River basin)
  • They’re durable and elegant
  • They feel soft and luxurious right from the start
  • They come with beautiful colors that don’t fade out

Bells and whistles aside, let’s take a peek at the downsides too:

  • The pockets could be deeper
  • Some noticed pilling after several months, but it depends a lot on how you take care of the sheets

Let’s highlight once again that the sheets are luxurious, durable, comfortable, and reliable right from the beginning. Isn’t that enough for you?

The more you’re willing to pay for your Egyptian cotton sheets, the more you should expect in terms of quality of materials, durability, and value. The Tuscany Fine Italian Linens Milange 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen may seem expensive to many, but they are worth, beyond the doubt.

The Italian craftsmanship of the sheets is astonishing, with the 4in hemstitch finish cuff for the pillowcases and flat sheets impressing a lot.

The fantastic fabric was milled in Italy of 100% Egyptian cotton, but it has been sateen and tailored in our US. It’s a tremendous bedding set that works in every elegant bedroom.

The fitted sheets have 15-in deep pockets, allowing a good fit over the mattress. They stay in place and don’t shift, even if you’re tossing a lot.

The stitching is very well made, and everything about the sheets has a durability feel to it. They’re substantial in the right way and feel so very soft against the skin.

Please follow care instruction for maintaining their qualities for a very long time.

Highlighting the pros don’t come easy:

  • The sheets are made with 100% Egyptian cotton from Italy
  • The craftsmanship is fantastic
  • They’re dense, soft, and long-lasting
  • The colors are beautiful too

We’re not making a drama out of some minor flaws:

  • They seem to catch pet hair easy
  • They may develop some dry spots when out of the dryer

For the exquisite craftsmanship, feel, and durability, the sheets are a wise investment to make. After all, it’s your well-being at stake!

Life’s too short to sleep in bad sheets, which is why you should indulge yourself a splurge every once in a while. The Sferra Celeste Collection Chestnut Brown Queen Sheet Set is the high-end option for many customers out there. Many may wonder if they worth it?

There’s only one way to find out, but we’re positive that you’re going to agree and regret nothing after buying them.

Made with 100% Egyptian cotton is the equivalent of luxurious comfort, helping you sleep comfortably for a long time. The fabric is 100% Egyptian cotton printed Voile, made in Italy. It’s a 400TC percale sheet set that looks amazing in any bedroom.

If you’re a Sferra fan, you may notice that the bedding set complements any Sferra bedding ensembles.

The beauty and comfort are made by experienced craftsman in Italy, which have been creating fabulous linens since the end of 1800.

The extra-long-staple cotton ensures the softest touch feel. The hemstitching is minimal, yet so elegant, with intricate details that give away its extraordinary value.

We should highlight the best parts:

  • The quality of the material is amazing
  • The craftsmanship is impressive
  • They are elegant, simple, and so soft
  • They’re long-lasting and luxurious

Apart from the price, which may throw many off, the sheets don’t present any noticeable downsides. It’s all about how much money you’re willing to pay for your sheets.

FAQs about Egyptian cotton sheets

Q: What’s the most crucial difference between Egyptian cotton and regular cotton?

A: Egyptian cotton and regular cotton never come from the same plants, which is why they will always be considered to be different. Egyptian cotton is handpicked, which means lower stress on the fibers. Therefore, the threads remain straight and perfect, allowing long and fine yarns to be obtained later on within the process. The fibers are stronger and softer, unlike the regular cotton, which presents more splices.

Q: How to take care of Egyptian cotton sheets?

A: You should always begin with reading the user instructions. However, you must never use detergents with bleach on your Egyptian cotton sheets. Bleach may break down the natural fibers, so the sheets will wear and tear faster than they should. Always use a delicate detergent, cold water, and low drying temperature for your sheets. It helps them last a lot longer.

Q: IS it safe to use fabric softener on the Egyptian cotton sheets?

A: The plain answer is a big fat No. the fabric softener can build up and eventually ruin the fibers for good. You may, instead, dry the sheets with several tennis balls for softening them a bit.

Q: Why are Egyptian cotton sheets more expensive than regular ones?

A: It’s because the Egyptian cotton is better than regular cotton. Not only that it’s softer or more durable, but it’s also more flexible and more comfortable. Why wouldn’t you want that in your sheets?

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