10 Amazing Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

The bathroom is where you get to pamper yourself after a tedious day.  Whether you want tosoak in a warm bathor lather on a facial mask, your bathroom is literally your safe haven at the end of a grueling day. Whatever vision you havefor your bathroom, you can recreate a space that’s both relaxing and inspiring. With these 10 amazing bathroom wall decor ideas, you can add a breath of freshness to this essential room. More importantly, choose a wall decor idea that uplifts you and makes you feel centered.

1: Go Plant Wild

A room filled with affluent greenery is always a pleasure, and a bathroom is no exception. Hang a variety of your favorite plants on your bathroom walls to make this important room feel like a luxuriant jungle escape. 


This simple bathroom wall decor doesn’t take a lot of cash to recreate. Just be sure to choose bathroom-friendly plants, such as spider plants, and look for room around the ceilings, vanities, shelves, and even the floor to add some pop of green. 

2: Hang a Watercolor

Adding decor to your bathroom wall can be as simple as grabbing a print you love and displaying it loudly and proudly in your space. For example, a leafy watercolor can quickly transform your bathroom and adddepth and warmth to the space. So, next time you acquire an interesting piece of artwork you adore, consider hanging it on your bathroom wall instead of the living room.

3: Affix Gorgeous Sconces

When shopping for various fixtures for your bathroom, consider things that add a little plush to your space. Stunning sconces and a bold wall mirror can give your bathroom personality and elegance without spending a fortune. Add some chic vintage-inspired wallpaper to transform your space into a design magazine worthy display.

4: Display a Gallery Wall

Pimp up your bathroom wall with a unique attractive gallery wall, a bold wallpaper, oran oversized art print. The result is an exciting bathroom wall decor that doesn’t feel cookie-cutter. And since you probably have much less wall space in your bathroom than in other rooms of your home, it’s a perfect place to experiment and add a great personality without spending a lot of money.

5: Giant Mirror

If you’re looking for a sleek and simple bathroom wall decor idea, just install an extra-large slender mirror slightly above your sink and vanity. A giant mirror will also create an impression of a spacious bathroom.

6: Experiment WithWall Tiles

When figuring out your ultimate bathroom wall décor, don’t restrict yourself to a piece of art or colorful wallpaper. An expertly designed and laid tile work can create a show-stopping work of art. Add a border around the tilework to create the illusion that the tiles have been placed in a frame. It makes the space feel even more high-end.

7: Add a Leaning Shelf

A rustic leaning shelf is a great way to add useful storage space to your bathroom while filling up empty wall spaces at the same time. Give your bathroom storage additional work by adding beautiful vase flowers or a few small prints.

8: Hang a Portrait

Though often overlooked, the bathroom is a perfect place to hang your favorite art. Hanging a portrait on your bathroom wall is a little unexpected, but it surely lends an unexpected sense of sophistication to this essential space.

9: Add Pressed Flowers

Next time you come across a beautiful array of flowers during your nature walk or hike, be sure to pick a few for your next bathroom décor. Simply press and frame the inviting petals to create a luxurious bathroom décor.

10: Magnet Organizer

Wrap decorative fabrics around magnets to create holders for metallic items such as bobby pins and nail clippers. This makes your bathroom more organized and trendy as well.

Final Thoughts

With these practical with creative decorating ideas for bathroom walls, you can make your hardworking bathroom equally pretty. It’s relatively easy to punch up the style and color in a bathroom while still maintaining its functionality. Overall, these amazing bathroom wall decors will help you start and end your days in a space that makes you feel centered and relaxed. 

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